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Four decades... 4,500 churches... 17 orphanages... and a heart to reach the nation of India!

Christ For India is a ministry founded by Rev. R. Abraham with more than 4,500 churches across 24 states throughout the nation of India. This church-planting ministry now has various other initiatives including children's homes, Bible schools, high schools and sewing institutes for destitute women.

Pastor Abraham launched the ministry from the streets of India with no money, no friends and no experience. Through simple obedience, God gave him a dream to reach the lost people of India. The first step was to; launch the New India Church Of God under the leadership of Rev R Abraham and Rev V A Thampy in 1976 in Kerala, Southern India.

In 1980, God instructed Pastor Abraham to extend this work into North India, so he along with his newly wedded wife Joyce moved to the capital city of New Delhi. It was as if they moved to a foreign land as they neither understood the language nor the culture. Plus, North India is the center of the worst persecution of Christians in India. But God used Pastor Abraham to establish 300 churches within just 10 years.