They were selling children for fifty cents...

As we were planting more and more churches, I came across mothers who were selling their little boys for 50 cents. I was deeply grieved. Then I learned that the mothers were starving and were selling their children to get a meal and live. And the children were being sold to carpet factories where they worked for 16 hours a day. I saw it with my own eyes.

"This is not right!"
I cried. I said, "God this is not right." And I felt like the Lord said, "Give them a home." So I went to the parents and pleaded with them not to sell their children, but instead to give them to me and I will give the kids a home. So it started with 29 boys.

Then I saw these girls 10-12 years old, living on the streets, being raped repeatedly. I knew I had to give them a home. So that became our first girls home.

I call all my orphanages "homes" because these are amazing children and they need a home. One by one, here I am with hundreds of children in 17 Bethesda Children's Homes across India.

I would like to reach out to more and more children in need, but we need your help!

--Pastor Abraham

Just $30 can feed, clothe, house and educate a child in a Bethesda Children's home for an entire month! $90 can sustain a child for three months. $360 will care for a child for an entire year! Go here to help!